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Your one stop shop for seeds, bongs, pipes, bubble bags, grinders, papers, storage, smoking accessories, clothing & bags! 

Look through our catalogue to find a massive range of vaporisers, pipes, bongs, turkish style hookahs, grinders, smoking mixes, lighters, ashtrays, storage container, papers and tips, plus a whole lot more. If you are looking to treat medical conditions with cannabis then we have loads of products that will be helpful.


Weed World latest cannabis news

  • The Deep Water Culture

    May 12, 2017

    Growers paradise or stoner nightmare? By Tony, Dutch Passion Seed Company, Amsterdam Deep Water Culture, or ‘DWC’, is regarded by many as the fastest way to grow cann ...
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  • The Greening of Vegas

    May 11, 2017

    Road Trip: Las Vegas, Nevada By Sharon Letts “Las Vegas” translated is “The Meadows,” once the last watering hole after the ice age’s glaciers melte ...
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  • Purple Princess by Billie of Emerald Alchemy

    May 10, 2017

    Words and Pics by The Dank Duchess

    Just as every plant is different, so is every batch of Hashish, and hash makers come in as m ...
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  • More Tips from the Professor

    May 09, 2017

    Professor Lee, I have a question about an article I read about determining the sex of cannabis seeds. I was wondering if there was any truth to it, and I would appreciate your tho ...
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  • The Concentrate Controversy

    May 08, 2017

     The concentrate scene is wild, extreme and seems misaligned with the most recent science around cannabis in comparison to the most ancient traditions for a 'Frenchy' who ha ...
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  • Growing Tips from the Prof

    May 07, 2017

    Hello Professor Lee I have a question about PPM and EC. What is the difference between the two and is one better than the other? Some Guy Hello Guy Good question. This one give ...
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  • Genetics Gone Mad – The Pink Plant

    May 06, 2017

    Collectives, patients, growers and breeders are coming forward and addressing the restrictions that counties and cities are placing upon the marijuana community here in California. ...
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  • Q and A with the Prof

    May 05, 2017

    Hello Professor Lee I've been growing hydro for a while but been wanting to try organic.  Have you ever dipped clones into a diluted tea before planting? Thanks Jack Hello ...
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  • My Favourite Bud. Jacky White

    May 04, 2017

    Strain Name: Jacky White Breeder: Paradise Seeds Height: 125-250cm Weight (yield): 500g/m2 or +750g/plant Flowering time in days: 60 days indoor Sativa/Indica Ratio: 25% Indic ...
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  • The Ace Of Spades

    May 03, 2017

     This past year, I had the privilege of growing out one of TGA Genetics' newer creations: 'The Ace Of Spades'.  This gorgeous and delicious strain is a hybrid of Sub's pr ...
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Latest Issue (WW130)

This issue is packed with interesting articles.

Look out for part two “the Indoor Hydroponic Grow room, this gives you an overview of products if you are looking to grow your own medicine at home. Dutch Passion reveals some new cannabinoids that have been found in cannabis such as CBD-V and CBG, Sensi Seeds have an amazing article about Recreational rectal use of cannabis, not one to miss.

Frenchy investigates “Cannabis from Gateway to Getaway” this looks at how society is addicted to vast amounts of legal and illegal drugs and where cannabis’s role is. Don’t miss our Case Study series; this touches on real people’s stories this issue is about Jaidah and her story.




WW130 magazine