Everyone loves a new twist on an old classic and Paradise Seeds has released a strain which does exactly that! Dutch Kush is a super heavy hitting indica that combines awesome genetics from two continents to produce a Kush with enhanced super powers! 

The excellence of the Paradise Seeds genetics are recognized by experienced growers around the world who appreciate the high germination rates of seeds and the stability of the plants they produce. The Amsterdam based seed company has been in the business for 21 years and has a history of being an innovator on the cannabis scene. It has 30 strains in its product range and has won a truck load of cups and awards over the years.

The power of the Paradise Seeds brand can be seen in one of the world’s biggest legal medical cannabis plantations, which was recently harvested in Chile by the Daya Foundation, a non-profit organization. The legal grow’s 6,500 plants have been grown from 15 Paradise Seeds strains and are expected to bring a harvest of 2,000 kilos.

Dutch Kush: The Word from Paradise

This is a cannabis plant for couch lock surfers and medical users seeking ultimate relaxation - a powerful and relaxing indica that grows big and finishes quick.

The popularity of the Kush has seen many varieties come to the market. However, as our customers appreciate, Paradise Seeds do not rush into things! We have taken our time to develop our twist on the Kush, which combines this classic cannabis landrace with Afghan power and the potent special powers of Dutch genetics.

The result is a plant that comes with all the force you would expect from two, resin rich, land races famed for their hash producing qualities. Into this mix we have added a genetic accelerator, bringing the grower a cannabis seed that achieves rapid growth and a quick finish harvest after 8 – 9 weeks.

Growers will notice the distinctive growth of these plants. They are characterized by multi branches with exceptional calyx development – growing on the stem with little space between them to produce full sized and very compact colas. Once in flower, the aroma really bursts through, strong and pungent and a reminder to check the carbon filters.

This plant is short and bushy and easy to manage. It is good for growing in an indoor setup and the cola development makes this plant well suited to alternative grow techniques such as SOG and SCROG (Sea of Green and Screen of Green). The buds it produces are super dense and the resin content is super high, with the result that a bad case of sticky fingers is waiting for the end user!

In an outdoor setup, this plant will also thrive. The big bud yield and nugget density means that Dutch Kush loves the warmth and the sun that dominates in southern regions, although the quick finish will also offer some guarantee of great results in more northern regions of Europe, the USA, Canada and parts of Russia.

Once dried the flavor really flows with the taste of earthy caramel and coffee bouquet with undertones of citrus and sweet skunk. The effect is a swift lift off with an increased sensory awareness, particularly in the audio and visual departments. Soon after, a mighty indica veil descends over the user, submerging the body into a state of deep and wonderfully euphoric relaxation.

Dutch Kush has fantastic medical qualities too. It is a great antidote to insomnia and stress and is also an excellent choice for medical patients who are looking for a natural treatment to manage pain and bring relief.

Our early test results and trial grows have resulted in very favorable reports, so we are very much looking forward to the feedback of new Dutch Kush growers out there. We wish you a very happy season in the garden – indoor or outdoor – from Team Paradise!

Words and pictures from Paradise Seeds

First published in Weed World Magazine edition 123

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