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 As you all know, some things only happen once or, at most, very few times in a lifetime. Some moments happen as a result of a pile of circumstances that casually occur, while in other occasions as a result of the tireless search for perfection that characterizes mankind. Since immemorial times we have manipulated as we please a big part of natural wild life to make our life more comfortable and, with that, perpetuate ourselves as the dominant species in the planet. We have also been looking for a long time for answers to the question of the meaning of our lives and this is where the search for substances that change our perception and our emotional mood probably started. One of the most used plants since ancient times for this purpose is our beloved Cannabis Sativa.

Regarding the search for perfection, the breeders at Sweet Seeds managed to preserve all the interesting genetics that crossed their way along the years. Because of their organoleptic qualities, their production and flower density or for their effects, our elite clone collection could certainly be seen as an art museum of Cannabis. Or even better, a candy shop if you have a sweet tooth like I do.

But the essential nature of mankind always takes us one step further and the Sweet Seeds’ R+D department works hard to use the best of each of these strains to obtain new varieties while keeping the best traits from both parents. There is a strain that has been developed with great interest and we have been working very hard to obtain the maximum expression of its genetic potential. This is how the highly recognized Green Poison® (Sweet Seeds variety SWS14) was born. This strain was developed from a cross of two famous Skunk and Early Skunk elite clones, both selected for their most characteristic traits. All together, these traits gave shape to this great indica hybrid that has been delighting every grower and receiving multiple awards in various cannabis competitions.

As you will see from reading below, this is a strain that perfectly represents the Sweet Seeds’ philosophy of offering a product with a better quality than its own ancestors, with no need for previous selections to get the best results with each and every seed that the growers germinate. 

 Green Poison®: Easy growing, great results.

 1.Vegetative stage

A few weeks before the spring started I decided to germinate a few seeds of Green Poison® that I had in the fridge. My idea was to make my last indoor grow before the hot summer arrived, as extreme heat does not allow me to keep using the grow room. In there I have a grow closet with 150cm x 150cm in which I installed a 600w HPS kit, two fans and two extractors: one of them as an 'intractor', inserting fresh air into the closet, while the other extracts the hot air. The extractors were kept on almost 24 hours per day. To keep a constant temperature, I installed a greenhouse with a thermostat. This is important, because if the temperature in the grow area gets lower than 18ºC, the plant’s growth may occasionally stop, leading to a deficient nutrient intake.

At this moment, the most important thing was to start with the germination and so I dropped the seeds into a glass of water to which I added a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide. The seeds floated in the water, fully hydrated, and after about 24 hours they were already showing the tips of the roots, while opening their shells. I dropped them into soaked jiffys and quickly passed them to the growing area. The light used for the vegetative stage was a 200w CFL grow light, which helped me to keep an optimal growth, creating strong specimens with a very short internodal space. As this light does not generate much heat, it is possible to keep the bulb very close to the plants. In the beginning it is better to avoid taking the risk of leaving the light too close, at least until the first set of leaves shows up. If you keep the light too close before that, you run the risk of dehydrating the seedlings.

The happiness felt by a grower whose seed germination was 100% successful has no price. And I have to emphasize that the work of the Sweet Seeds breeders plays a very important role in this matter.

I soaked the jiffy very carefully, every day, so they would not get dry and by the 3rd day I potted them into a small 1L pot with a soil mix which was very rich in nutrients. Within only 12 days I had to transplant them again because the roots had the whole soil colonized. This time I used a 3,5L pot and the same soil mix. The vigor of Green Poison® is incredible and the richness in THC crystals is visible from the moment the first leaves show up.

In the first weeks it is very important to keep the air moving inside the grow area. It is even desirable to have the plants slightly moving with the air flow as it helps them to develop strong stems, generating more cellulose and preventing excessive stretch. A strong main stem and structure will allow the sap to flow much better and with that the nutrients will reach to your plant in a much more efficient way, keeping the plant healthy and ready to develop big and compact flowers. As the soil is already rich in nutrients, the first weeks were very relaxed as I only had to water them when they needed it.

Green Poison® is a strain that grows a lot in the first stage of flowering if you give it too much vegetative time, so it is not advisable to keep the plants vegging for more than 30 days if you are aiming for medium-sized plants of less than 100cm of height. You can use methods like SOG, SCROG, LST, Cropping, etc. if you are looking to shape your plant to your needs. With small pots the plants usually stay within 70 or 80cm of height, which is ideal for adequate light penetration, reaching every stem and originating plants that are productive even in the lower branches.

By the 28th day it was the right time to pass my Green Poison® plants to flowering so, about four days before this change, as I usually do, I transplanted them to the final 7L pots. The soil used was the same, with a NPK of 12/14/26. This ensured me that the plants had nutrients for at least 4 or 5 weeks. I got rid of the lower branches to allow the plants to focus on the top branches and to help me in keeping the place clean, but also to make the watering procedures easier.

If you have noticed, at this moment almost 30 days have passed and I have not used any liquid fertilizers. The nutrients present in the soil, together with the vigor demonstrated by all the specimens, were more than enough.

 2. Flowering

High Pressure Sodium, the hot spectrum so much loved by our plants, means that the time of changing to flowering is something very enjoyable for every Cannabis grower. It means that soon we will enjoy our precious buds.

The 28 days of vegetative time were more than enough for all the plants I had. They started flowering with about 25cm of height. They were kept very low and robust, developing multiple side branches. The big fan leaves showed a shiny green color and covered the whole pot. With the change to 12/12, during the following 25 days they started to show a more pronounced growth. Once they reached 50cm and started to show their first pistils they stopped growing  to focus on their flower production.

Consequently, I started to add a flowering bio-stimulator to the water and kept using it until almost the end of flowering, as it does not affect the taste and does not accumulate in the soil. But one should not abuse of the dosage because it can stress the plants. I use it in every watering but only half of the recommended dosage, except occasionally when I give them the full dosage for an explosive flowering as Green Poison® is very appropriate for that.

By the 5th week the smell that invaded the room was like the aromas in a candy shop. Very dense but with subtle hints that made me keep smelling it every now and then, trying to decode such a pleasant aroma. The formation of buds was very visible and the surrounding leaves were totally covered by trichomes that were still transparent. What stands out in this strain is the formation of the main bud, which usually has the shape of a donkey's penis, creating large and dense colas. The calyx-to-leaf ratio makes this plant even more appealing, making it easier to manicure.

Getting into the 30th day of flowering I had to use some liquid fertilizers as some specimens were showing early signs of nutrient deficiency. I used organic nutrients in their maximum dose and also Calcium and Magnesium until the 37th day, when I stopped to use CAL MAG. But I kept with the organic nutrients until the 45th day and, as I said before, the bio-stimulator was used until the end of flowering. The last 10 days I used a product to flush the plants, followed by some catalyst enzymes to clean any salts occasionally accumulated in the soil.

By the 55th day all the plants were showing swollen calyxes and stopped the creation of new pistils. The trichomes were changing from milky to amber so it was the right time for harvest.

Smoke report and final conclusions

From my point of view Green Poison® could be seen as a standard plant that is ideal for inexperienced Cannabis growers. It is ideal to newbies but also for expert growers who can get the most out of it without much effort and, most importantly, in a very short flowering time.

In my grow I was able to harvest before the 8 week mark, harvesting all the plants, every one of them with big shiny buds all covered in resin. The height of the plants was around 70cm and the yield was more than 1gr per watt. But the most impressive thing about them was the quality of the flowers. Very hard and compact buds with a lot more flower than leaf and a smell that takes you to very exotic places. It is extremely easy to manicure Green Poison® due to the few leaves and density of the flowers. After drying and curing, the buds become so hard that your grinder will work as never before. I just don’t want to tell you about the aroma in too much detail...but it is a high class perfume!

In the mouth it is extremely sweet, with fruity and mint hints that last for a long time on your palate. It has such a deep taste that you don’t need to inhale many times to feel the potent aroma of this variety. It is one of those herbs from which you can enjoy each puff, from the first to the last. If you are a vaporizer user you can feel all the exotic notes of this piece of art from the Sweet Seeds collection.

The effect is also very well balanced and versatile. It is adequate to socialize with friends and have some nice laughs, but it is also a good choice to watch a movie or to simply enjoy at the end of the day as you relax. The effect is not heavy. A great sensation of creativity invades you while under its effects, improving your senses (unlike other strains of similar size, with which you feel as if a brick was hitting your head). This is good ganja!

Sweet Smokes :)


Green Poison®:

Variety SWS14

Indica/Sativa: 70%/30%

Indoor Yield: 500-650 g/m2

Outdoor Yield: 500-700 g/plant

Indoor Blooming: 7 weeks

Outdoor harvest: mid to late September