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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A modern day cannabis seed...

Like humans, plants have male and female genders. Gender is regulated by 2 chromosomes: X and Y. A plant with two X chromosomes becomes female while one with both an X and Y chromosome becomes male.

  • Female cannabis plants are the gender of plant that produces harvestable buds.
  • Males only produce flowers for pollinating females.
  • Feminized seeds almost guarantee a completely female plant.

Most cannabis plants naturally have a 50/50 chance of turning out male or female, but by using a range of methods it is possible to produce seeds which are guaranteed to produce female plants.

Feminized seeds are produced by shocking a female plant with either hormones or environmental stress into producing male flowers. These male flowers are then used to pollinate the rest of the female plant. The fact the male flowers came from the same female plant mean that certain male chromosomes are missing.

The result is that all seeds harvested from that plant are now guaranteed to grow into feminized (or “all female”) cannabis plants. To be more precise, initially they should grow into 80-100% female plants and 0-20% genetic hermaphroditic plants. Seed breeders spend years refining their feminizing process to reach a standard of 99-100% female plants for all the feminized seeds they sell.

Before this process was established, cannabis growers would have to throw away unwanted male plants and spend time removing male flowers as they appear on female plants to encourage bud growth. The modern day feminized seed saves all this stress so growers can plant their seeds and forget about them until it’s time to harvest the buds.

It is possible to create feminized seeds yourself using methods widely available online but to make a success of it takes a great deal of time and skill, and involves an element of trial and error. Plus every cannabis seed strain reacts slightly different to a wide range of conditions. This means what works for creating one strain of feminized seeds might not work for another, and you can spend a lot of time and effort finding that out.

With the huge range of feminized seeds on offer you can choose from a truly massive range of strains, all with perfected genetics to ensure that every feminized seed planted will produce an optimum level of bulging buds.