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We give everyone a voice and make sure they are heard, whether it is through editorial copy, reviews or medicinal news.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas. We can accommodate most creative marketing requests and can provide bespoke advertising packages, tailored to suit your company’s needs. For example the inclusion of loose inserts, bound inserts, foldouts and tip-ons, coupons and vouchers.

For advertising prices please get in touch with our marketing manager: [email protected]

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Magazine Readership
  1.  125,000 per Issue
  2.  54% Male
  3.  46% Female

Deadlines dates for all submissions including articles, artwork and images.

1st Jan, 1st March, 1st May, 1st July, 1st Sept, 1st Nov

Publishing Dates

1st Feb, 1st April, 1st June, 1st Aug, 1st Oct, 1st Dec