Collectives, patients, growers and breeders are coming forward and addressing the restrictions that counties and cities are placing upon the marijuana community here in California. Our county is no different – with my county considering banning ALL outdoor marijuana growing, there have been local supervisor meetings which have brought out past collective owners, medical marijuana delivery service owners, patients who are growers, growers that are just that “growers” and a few breeders. I listened to all of the speakers at the Boards of Supervisors (BOS) meetings and one in particular spoke about medical marijuana with passion and conviction. He spoke of the medicinal qualities of this miraculous plant and addressed the BOS with facts and educated not only those he was addressing but some in the audience. I decided I was going to meet this breeder of medicine – little did I know his whole story.

Genetics Gone Mad/Gene Madd/Focus … whatever you decide to call him, he is a man of many different names and personalities.  Gene, as I have decided to call him, met me in a little town located deep in the Far Northern California National Forest. Gene had just returned from a little walk from Red Bluff, California all the way to Reno Nevada a total walk of about 235 miles one way. Why? Well, Gene tells me that it was therapy as he was invited to meet with his favorite comedian – the invitation came via Paris Chong – yup – Tommy Chong’s son! Gene met with Tommy Chong of the infamous Cheech and Chong in order to talk specifics about breeding a marijuana strain specifically for him “…with so many people following me on Facebook, I decided to inspire others that may also have physical difficulties, showing them they can overcome with desire and diligence.”

When he was three years old, Gene choked on a cufflink and instead of seeking help he hid in a closet and expired of asphyxiation; his parents didn’t know he was missing until Gene had been called for dinner and did not come. They located his lifeless cold body and took him to the hospital where he “came back”. The way Gene tells it, he went “somewhere else and it changed me forever … I don’t talk about it much … I just came back … I had things to do …” Gene’s suffers from PTSD and chronic pain. From childhood Gene was not like most kids growing up in his generation; Gene grew up in the 60’s which were tumultuous times for American society anyway! As a youth, Gene lost his Uncle to the Bay of Tonkin in Vietnam, Gene’s older brother was what he describes as “obviously feminine” in a way that wasn’t “acceptable” back then and, subsequently, Gene was constantly battling bullies older than he was to protect his brother. Needless to say these experiences affected Gene deeply. Life wasn’t easy as a child for Gene, nor would it get easier. As an adolescent Gene broke his femur, dislocated his knee, and fractured his patella all in the same leg, losing his ability to walk which could explain his walking to Reno. Cannabis became Gene’s medicine of choice for the chronic pain he has been living with. Cannabis also helped him kick the narcotics he was using in the hospital.

Gene also sees things before they happen – Gene has visions about global events that will affect us all, which is his motivation to “…make little islands on the planet that are safe.”  Gene also has visions about events that will affect him. Once he was working in Inglewood, California, getting ready for a scene in the movie “Big Trouble in Little China” when he was stabbed in a random act of violence – which he had seen in a vision weeks before. I asked him what he does when he gets a vision like that “…not much you can do when fate is cast that way, ya know…you just gotta be ready for it.” His injuries were life threatening – the stabber had punctured a lung and nicked his heart – this time when he expired he didn’t go anywhere…“limbo … I just came back”  it was different from when he was a kid, “limbo” he repeats.

Gene checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice telling the doctors, “I am my own best doctor”

There are other things Gene has had visions of … he knew he was going to be published long before he grew cannabis. In 2011 he published 2 books Cannabis Indica – The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains and Cannabis Sativa - The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains, both published by Green Candy Press. He knew he would meet his favorite comedians Cheech and Chong, which he did just recently, and that he would become famous for a plant.

And the plant is Pink … Pink Cannabis … Genetics Gone Mad claims he can turn any of marijuana “pink” and cannabis cures cancer and other ailments which he has had verified by the University of Israel. Two years ago the University of Medical Cannabis Research Labs Israel contacted Gene and requested samples of Gene’s pink genetics for research purposes. The genetics of the pink marijuana are so dominant that they transfer their pink trait to the strain it is crossed with; often with only one crossing. It is considered an “indicator plant”. 12 years in development the strain has 19% THC, 8% CBD and .05% CBN.

In 2010 Gene was scouted by MSCAL out of Thailand who considered him to be one of the top 10 medical marijuana breeders in the world and offered him an honorary PHD for a 4 year commitment with their research in Thailand but, due to a death in the family, Gene had to decline. That’s when the Medical Cannabis Reasearch Labs of Isreal and the University of Israel contacted him.

Genetics Gone Mad

Redd Cross                                                                              

Genetics: Spirit of 76 X unknown Afghani

Indica dominate

Pink pistils

THC potency 18%

8% CBD

A sweet smoke that gives relief from bone and nerve pain. 

Platinum Blue Diesel

Indica dominate

Blue pistils

THC potency 23%

.08 CBD

A true diesel taste with an oily after taste – it’s a go-to-sleep, get-nothing-done kind of herb. Helps PTSD patients sleep.

Madd Kush

Indica dominate

Purple pistils

If you are interested in contacting Gene – Genetics Gone Mad at his GGM Laboratories you can email him at or follow his Facebook page Genetics Gone Mad. If you are interested in purchasing his genetics you can contact him via email and remember to put “magic beans” in the subject line!

This article first appeaed in issue 108 of Weed World Magazine