Fantasmo Express is currently Our most Sativa dominant automatic, and was a long awaited and now much loved addition to the Mephisto catalogue.

After trialing several variants of the OG ghost train haze series from Rare Dankness in 2012 we settled on using a lovely male from the #1 line to begin our project. The OG GTH was paired to a very white and spicy hybrid balanced indica/sativa automatic and the progress went from there.

Fantasmo Express begins her auto grow journey expressing both a squat indica appearance and OG reminiscent leaves, but when pre- flower hits she reveals her sativa side creating many branches and long colas.

She will often more than quadruple in size during the stretch phase.
As flowering progresses every branch, going up the stem pokes out also wanting to become it s own mini cola.
Given her sativa heritage Flowers aren't the most dense but she produces a lot of them and they are covered in very nice heady resin.
Her larger more open structure and lower bud density makes Fantasmo Express a great candidate for outdoor and greenhouse growing and for indoor really suitable to train and tweak to produce a multi-cola high yielding bush or scrogged plant.
Fantasmo is certainly a unique automatic and definitely one to tick off in your auto quest.

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