Relief CBD oil is a unique combination of high-quality Greek olive oil and essential oils, together with no less than 1000MG CBD this oil provides a strengthening effect for your body and a calming effect on your mood. Two Lions specialises in making natural oils and extracts and offers a range of CBD oils that can help you build a healthy and strong body. Two-Lions CBD oils consist of a combination of highly concentrated CBD paste and a unique combination of natural essential oils - together these oils bring a true power of the CBD and its beneficial effects on body and soul. Only the best oils from all over the world are used in making Two Lions oils. The high-quality Greek Olive used as a base is a unique culinary-grade oil. The unique combination of no less than 1000mg CBD oil and Greek Olive Oil in this Relief CBD Oil provides a strenghtening effect for your body and calming effect for your mood. Relief CBD Oil: Strengthens kidneys and liver Is good for heart and blood vessels Has a calming effect Has anti-inflammatory effect Prevents from infections Is good for pain relief Helps digestion Has an anti-bacterial effect Has a body-strengthening effect This Relief 10% CBD Oil Contains: Hemp Paste: The main ingredient of this oil is the Hemp paste with Cannabinoids. This oil contains not only 1000MG of CBD from high quality concentrated hemp paste, but also Sweet Orange and Frankinsence essential oils, which besides a pleasant taste also provides a broad spectrum of beneficial properties. Premium Quality Olive Oil from Crete: The base oil used in Relief CBD Oil is a mild, tasty olive oil extracted from Greek olives from Crete. This olive oil is among the best olive oils in the world that is good for your heart and blood vessels. Frankincense Essential Oil: Relief CBD oil is enriched with organic Frankincense oil which helps people with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This oil is also known as good for pain relief. Sweet Orange Oil: Very tasteful and natural essential oil which is pressed from the outer shell of oranges so that it retains both - the sweet taste and the healing effect of the terpene D-limonene. D-limonene is a natural component that mainly occurs in citrus fruits and is known for several medicinal properties such as improved digestion and anti-bacterial functions. The D-limonene is also used in curing some types of cancer. Due to the the high concentrate of citrus oil this oil has a very pleasant taste of oranges. By using this CBD Oil every day, you will strengthen your body and immune system. Each 10ml bottle of 10% CBD Oil contains 1000mg of CBD.

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