Sweet Cheese is a 70% sativa strain that combines the potency and unique flavor profiles of Cheese and Black Jack It produces long central buds surrounded by plenty of peripheral buds also long and with a good caliber.
SCBDX has increased the yield of Sweet Cheese and thrown an undercurrent of pine into the mix due to the SCBDX terpene profile and of course boosted the strain because of the high amount of CBD now available in the strain.

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Handheld Vaporizer Bubble

Handheld Vaporizer Bubble with Extendable Mouthpiece.
This simple vaporizer has no parts to go wrong.
It's simple design needs to be tried to be believed.
Place your chosen herbs into the bowl, gently and evenly heat the bowl with a lighter and watch the vapors lift up and into the tube for you to inhale.
These bubbles can also be used in bongs.
Simply insert the pipe where the downpipe would go and that's it.