The Volcano Digit has a large digital readout giving the precise temperature in the filling chamber.
It also has an upgraded temperature sensor giving the user much more control.
It works by filling a valve-locked balloon with vapor, which you can inhale at your leisure.
The Digit Volcano heats the herbs by air rather than a hot plate.
The Volcano Digit come complete with a free valve set.
You can choose from the solid valve set or the easy valve set. The Solid Valve set works with replaceable balloons; you cut off the balloon to the required size and then fix the valve to the clip.
The only ongoing cost is the replacement balloons.
The Easy Valve set is easier to use with disposable valves pre-fitted with balloons.
No more messing around with clips or leaking bags.
Perfect for those with dexterity problems.
Replacement bags and parts are available

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volcano digital