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RooR Seeds - I1 Roor Ash (Regular)

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RooR Seeds - I1 Roor Ash regular cannabis seeds - 75% indica dominant marijuana strain with a flowering time around 56-63 days

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The i1 is a 75% Indica dominant plant and is one of the best Afghan hybrids on offer.
This plant is perfect for all levels of growing and is especially good for the beginner.
It's is a short stocky plant that is incredibly resilient to bugs and mould.
It also performs equally well on soil, cocos or Hydro mediums, a real all-rounder.
The i1 is also perfect for those that prefer to use a SOG system as you net and top the plants they will form an amazing canopy.
It s recommended to trim some of the smaller under branches away as it gets quite bushy.
The yield can vary but overall it s a big yielder, Expect to find results varying from an average of about 550-660 grams per m2. The i1 also does very well outdoors and can handle more humid out- door conditions as it is more mould resistant than most strains.
The smell and taste of the plant are very fruity, with distinct tones reminiscent of berries.
This strain is really one of those rich tasting flavors, if taste is one of your motivations then this is the right choice.
In addition because of its big yield it offers the grower both a large harvest with some amazingly tasty nuggets.
The flowering time is also quite short ranging from 56 to 63 days (8-9 weeks). This will of course depend on the efficiency of the room usually it finishes faster using a hydro system with Co2. Go easy on the P (phosphorus) and the K (potassium) in the beginning of flowering and then increase them in the 4th and 5th week to really see a big yield.

Additional Information

SKU RS-001-I1R
seed company/breeder RooR Seeds
Grow Area Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Pathogen Resistance Aphids, Mould, Thrips
Flavour Fruity
Yield Weight (Indoor) 550g/m2, 650g/m2

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