R-Kiem - Portela (Fem)

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Portela from R-Kiem Seeds, a mostly Sativa feminised marijuana strain born from the cross between Jamaican Lambsbread and ICER. Portela plants grow vigorous, develop lots of reisn glands and have a complex and intense Haze scent. This hybrid develops a strong rootball, what usually means vigorous growth. In this way, R-Kiem Seeds recommends a growth period no longer than 3 weeks indoors, or using the LST or the SCROG technique . The ICER genes (SFV OG Kush x Ice Cream) reduce the flowering time while enhancing bud density. Portela is ready to harvest after 9 weeks of bloom indoors, at early October outdoors. The smell and taste - a pleasant blend of Haze and citric notes - are intense, so using anti odour systems is highly recommended. Portela won the 3rd prize Indoor Bio category during the 2014 Barcelona Cannabis Cahmpions Cup.