R-Kiem - Muse (Fem)

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Indica hybrid created by R-Kiem Seeds by crossing an OG Kush lineage with an Oregon Diesel clone. Now available from Alchimia as feminized seeds. This Indica-dominant cultivar is easy to grow and stays compact in shape, with closely spaced internodes and sturdy, thick branches, easily supporting the weight of its dense and heavy buds. Muse’s structure means it’s very well suited to SOG (Sea of Green) growing indoors, and also performs really well grown outdoors thanks to it's great adaptability and resistance. Grown indoors under artificial lights, Muse finishes flowering in around 8 to 9 weeks, producing up to 500g per m2, while in the great outdoors, we can expect to harvest the aromatic, resin-caked buds during the first half of October. The large and abundant resin glands produced by Muse mean it's a great hash-producer and will delight lovers of cannabis concentrates, while it’s fresh and spicy aroma reminiscent of cloves and pepper will surprise even the most discerning palate