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Bonza Chamber Kit

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Bonza Chamber Kit - Add another chamber to your bong for an extra cool smoke

Availability: In stock

Price: £5.00


Attach this chamber to your bong in place of the downtube and bowl to add an extra chamber.
Can be used as a small bong by itself.

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Customer Reviews

Great item, Great service, Great magazine Review by Redeye
Purchased this to make my own version of the ozzy style basil bush tar catcher with a glass perculater bong I had purchased. I had also purchased the basil bush dual chamber tar catcher bong elsewhere as a present for a friend previously and this Bonza chamber is far better quality and far bigger than the chamber on the tar catcher bongs. It has a hugely oversized downpipe and cone piece in comparison to the tar catcher bongs that are between £18-30. The grommets also fit much better on this Bonza chamber and it is completely air tight unlike the duel chamber tar catcher bong which I feel a bit gutted to have purchased for a friend when I could have ordered this and a better quality glass bong for the same money. At a guess I would say the glass tube is 14-15mm wide and with a bit of rubbery tape around the end sits in my 18mm glass bong nice and airtight though u will need a decent height bong or be prepared to cut the glass to be down a little a's it is a big chamber compared to the tar catcher bongs.
I mainly wrote this review because I noticed a few post's questioning the site and I wanted to vouch for their service.
I contacted weed world on their Facebook page as purchased many magazines over the years and confirmed it was the same company. I had pleasent comunication and I was made to feel at ease using the bank transfer method with the item being shipped and received quickly and we'll packed.
I would say if you have any quiries then don't hesitate to contact them by one of there methods listed and don't be put off by the fact they don't accept card payment as they are 100% legit and a pleasure to do business with.

Thanks again for the service and look forward to using your site again in the future :)
(Posted on 28/11/2017)

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