The back story of how Weed World was created

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 Founded by Phil Kilv 1991.  

The concept was to create a magazine unlike any other so World of Drugs was born. Peter Pracownik created the first cover, he is a renowned fantasy artist known for his artwork around Tolkien, Dragons, and his work with musical legends such as Jemi Hendrix, Hawkwind and many more.  This magazine had a color glossy cover but the inside was 38pages of black and white.  This only lasted for 2 issues and Weed World was born.

Weed World was to be the vehicle that would aim to dispel myths and untruths about cannabis that have been created by the powers that be, purely to line their own pockets! The ethos for the magazine has always remained to educate people through knowledge and light-hearted fun.

To step outside of taboo and talk freely about what others were so afraid to say.  Over the years Weed World remained solid pressing forward with prohibition, exploring the medical benefits of marijuana, best strains, laws, growing mediums, grow/smoke reports, deficiency charts, self help guides, breeders, the ever-changing history of cannabis and reporting them to world.

We remain the same in our ideas and concepts, we prefer heavy content in our magazine about cannabis, with amazing images (bud porn), not just provided by industries but real people and telling their true stories of how they manage their illnesses through using medical marijuana. Over 2 decades the magazine has gone through many face-lifts and seen many changes and attitudes in different countries good and bad.

Weed World's Historic moments


World of Drugs Magazine was launched for Glastonbury

Phil ran a store at Glastonbury for 20 years, selling marijuana products like bongs, pipes, grinders. In fact any smoking paraphernalia you could think of.


Phil changed the magazine name to Weed World

It was felt that looking at all of drugs was too much and instead to just concentrate on cannabis. The true medical benefits of the plant, how to grow / cultivate it. 


Weed World became live on the internet

Weed World went digital, with the launch of

This is when Weed World shop was born, its had a few face lifts since then.


1st Hemp and Alternative Technologies Fair

Weed World & Spannabis did the first ever London Hemp Fair, which took place at Wembley Exhibition Centre 

london hemp fair


UK Hemp Expo

Weed World went on their own and put on another Hemp Expo in Wembley Exhibition Centre in 4 - 6 November 2005


UK Hydro Hemp Expo

The UK Hemp & Hydro Expo 2006, was scheduled for 28-30 July in Coventry, but it was cancelled in the last minute by the directors of the newly opened Ricoh Arena where the event should have taken place


New Editor Sam Hitchman came on board

Phil Kilv wanted to step back and focus on breeding and development of Hemp and Cannabis genetics, so Sam came on board as the new Editor-n-Chief


Weed World magazine was moved from Weed World

Weed World magazine was dominated by the growth of the shop and it was decided to moved Weed World magazine to its own dedicated website


Weed World signed a contract with Lotus Publishing

An Italian publishing company signed a deal with Weed World to produce an Italian version of Weed World it launched its first issue in July 2019 along with an Italian


Missed an issue

This was the first time since we launched that we had to hold an issue back to Covid and restrictions globally

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