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This is not a cure all as with some drug treatments it won’t treat or help everyone, however it may relive some symptoms.

Be mindful that all of the cannabis strains can have different affects on you, even down to their medical effects as well which can affect your day to day routine.  Be sure to read as much information as possible and seek medical advice.

If you are going to treat yourself with any strains, not all are high in CBD and low in THC (which would be the recommended plant to treat and make oil from).  So if the strain is high in THC be careful not to drive or operate machinery as you will be affected by THC, also in some countries such as the UK you could be affected by the drug driving law:

It is recommended that you only do one of the following with medical marijuana through vaporizing, oil, capsule form, suppository or edible.  

DO NOT SMOKE IT with tobacco as it is linked with too many diseases and kills