Ace Seeds - Purple Haze (Regular)

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Ace Seeds - Purple Haze regular cannabis seeds - 100% marijuana sativa strain with a flowering time of 16-20 weeks. Amazing purple colouration
At last, the mythical tropical Purple Haze of the 70s without being mixed and in all its magnificence is finally available for all those nostalgic lovers of the old school marijuana sativas.
In this version of the Oldtimers Haze, Ace Seeds offer you a selection of purple and reddish phenotypes with a strong influence of the purple highland colombian sativas, within the genotypes of the original cannabis Haze population.
Purple Haze is different from Green Haze because its stems and flowers ripe with impressive purple and reddish colors.
Their aromas are also darker: of black liquor and wild blackberry.
For indoor growing, due to its extreme tropical sativa genotype, Ace Seeds mostly recommend her for the extreme sativa lovers, for breeding projects or for seed production.
For outdoor growing, it requires a tropical or subtropical climate in order to reach its full potential.
However, it can easily be grown within latitudes of 20 -37, where we recommend a warm and coastal climate.
The use of a greenhouse is very helpful for its correct ripening in non tropical latitudes.
It requires low levels of nutrients, especially of Nitrogen.
For outdoor growing, it s best to mix a good base of organic soil, rich in guano and worm casting, and then place the plants in a sunny place and leave them to grow at their own rhythm, almost without using fertilizers or stimulators.
More Information
Auto Flowering No
Exact Seed Type Sativa 100%
Sex Regular
Grow Area Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Pathogen Resistance Botrytis
Flavour Wood
Approx Height 100cm, 170cm
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