Dab Tool Set by Privileged Lungs

In stock

5x Stauinless Steel Dab Tools

1 x Silicone Oilslick concentrate container 

1x Brush

The Dab Tool Set by Privileged Lungs is the perfect affordable stainless steel dab tools made with different-sized end tips to work efficiently with various concentrate consistencies.

The set includes five variants of stainless steel dabbers with a range of thin or thick heads, some slightly angled to make the scooping movement feel more ergonomic. Some are made with a small scoop/ spoon design which works best for slushy BHO extracts with diamonds and sauce, and there's also a really thin pokey tool which can be used for a whole host of different purposes, including scooping up a budder-like rosin. 

The brush works perfectly for any spilt herb on your rolling tray, or for emptying your flower vape or bowl of cashed material. We've also included a silicon slick which can be used for short-term storage although a glass jar is always best for preserving those volatile terpenes. 

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