Dutch Passion - Euforia (Feminized)

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Dutch Passion - Euforia
Feminized cannabis seeds
90% sativa dominant strain
Flowering in 7-8 weeks
Euforia is a special cannabis strain that came from Dutch Passion's skunk breeding program in 1996. Euforia was initially noticed for the high yields of 400-600g/m _ and being part of the stable Skunk line Euforia proved to be reliably strong and stable with all the plants looking exceptionally good, one for bumper harvests.
Outdoor growers in Holland reported that Euforia gave excellent quality stash in generous quantities in good summers.
Greenhouses really make a great home for Euforia and she is harvested around the end of October or beginning of November.
She is very easy to clone and makes a perfect mother plant to take cuttings from, with the cuttings all developing into healthy uniform plants.
Euforia has been used by many seed breeders due to the stable genetics and easy cloning.
Users immediately noted the special euphoric high that was associated with the strain.
Medical growers from the 1990's to the current day have told us how good this is for pain relief and particularly for stress relief.
The plants have a fresh smell and a rich skunky taste, though not too sweet.
The calyx to leaf ratio seems roughly 50/50. THC levels have been seen around 18% which makes this potent in the extreme.
Indoors the plants are recommended for harvest at 7 weeks, with 8 being a maximum in order to get the best high.
Euforia comes highly recommended by our team.
Stable, great yields and a stress relieving Euforia high leaving you relaxed, untroubled and happy.
A good remedy for relieving the stress of modern society.
This is a special Skunk beauty from the 1990's that you will love.
Dutch Passion's Euforia is a particularly fine Skunk selection.
It exhibits a very heavy bloom, a bumper harvest, and the renowned Skunk 'high' but with a less sweet taste than Dutch Passion's other selections.
More Information
Auto Flowering No
Sex Feminized
THC % 18%
Flowering Time 7 Weeks
Harvest End of October, Beginning of November
Grow Area Indoor, Outdoor
Approx Height 100cm, 150cm
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