Grounded Genetics - Zkunk - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
LineageExodus Cheese x Zunami
Seed TypeFeminised

Zkunk by Grounded Genetics is another new hybrid, new to the catalogue for 2024 which was first launched at Spannabis 2024, and was one of the most popular choices due to the impressive mixture of old and new genetics. 


For those who are familiar with the original Exodus Cheese then you'll know that she is an absolute Carbon filter destroyer, with her regularly overpowering them. With Grounded Genetics' stable roots being embedded in the UK scene, it was an honour and an absolute must to revive the legendary old-school cut and hybridise her by pairing her genetics with some of the favourite modern-day cultivars. 


The Cheese is a special phenotype that was selected 30+ years ago using the original Skunk #1 seeds that were created by Grounded Genetics' friend and legendary breeder, Skunkman Sam, which to this day is as unique as when she was first bred and hunted. She's been implemented into their breeding rooms in multiple locations in order to explore the outcomes, and in this instance, they paired her with the reversed Zunami pollen. 


Zunami is an outstanding phenotype selected from the pollination of the original Zkittlez clone pollinated by the Gelato 41 x Sherb BX1 male. 

The resulting progeny of the project has been called the Zkunk, with the Cheese tending to dominate the majority of its progeny when hybridised and the pairing is no exception. Many different phenotypes will encompass the best of both parents, but it's unmistakably dominant with heavy cheese influence across the majority of the progeny from this pollination. Zkunk typically has 9-10 weeks of flowering time and medium stretch.

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Auto Flowering No
Sex Feminized
Genetics Exodus Cheese x Zunami
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
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