Iso Station XL by Apex Ancillary

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The Iso Station XL by Apex Ancillary is the largest of all the iso-station options from Apex Ancillary. The Iso Station XL provides a home for cotton buds, tools, cleaning solutions, and a cleaning solution dispenser. You no longer need to move to a different space where you keep your isopropyl alcohol away from your hot dab tools; thanks to the airtight nature of the iso well beneath the Pump, you can clean your tools in the same place. 

The Iso Station Xl uses a dedicated pump that fits with a rubber gasket seal into a solid glass bottle section, which you should fill with isopropyl alcohol or your preferred cleaning solution. The innovative pump features stainless steel construction. To use, take a cotton bud & apply pressure to the pump, causing the solution to rise into the steel well and moisten the cotton bud. The pump enables you to use just the right amount of cleaning solution. Furthermore, the pump and bottle feature an airtight design, ensuring no evaporation of the solution from the glass bottle, a truly beneficial product for those looking to get the most use out of their tools. 

The Iso Station Xl also features an additional soaking station for your inserts, tools, pearls, and pillars; this section can be covered using a carb cap. The cap helps prevent the solution from evaporating, ensuring your carb cap remains free of contaminants and is ready for your next hit. Apex Ancillary Xl Iso Station has an ultra-clean, stylish design that uplifts any dab station or work surface. In addition, the Iso Station XL features a central cotton bud location that perfectly fits the 300-count packs of Pro Swabs, so you'll be set for even the heaviest sessions! 

The Iso Station XL by Apex Ancillary is made to last. Made using high-end borosilicate glass, the ISO station is both heat-resistant and non-toxic. This durable addition to your table eases washing your tools while ensuring safe sessions.

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