Karma Genetics - Highway Harmony (Regular)

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BrandKarma Genetics
Pack Size12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
LineageCriticalMass x Biker

Highway Harmony Regular Cannabis Seeds by Karma Genetics is a killer variety for all kinds of cultivators that is bound to be a staple variety thanks to its easy-growing traits. Especially if you're a new grower, this exceptional hybrid strain is not to be missed out on.

Highway Harmony emerges as one of the most recent creations of the legendary Karma Genetics, a renowned name in the cannabis breeding world and seed-industry, famous for classic hybrids such as Headbanger, Sour D Bx2 and Biker Kush which were used to pollinate the Critical Mass mother.

The Highway Harmony strain has been thoughtfully curated, blending the genetic heritage of Critical Mass and Biker Kush parents, resulting in a plant that caters to both novice and experienced cultivators alike.


Growing Characteristics

One of the standout features of Highway Harmony is its 'easy growing' nature, as she'll easily produce high yields even if mistakes are made. She's also extremely fast-growing with some phenotypes finishing up in a mere 8 weeks which makes her a more efficient variety than many others on the market. She's a truly resilient strain and this means her yield and quality is typically abundant and exceptional, respectively.


Flavour & Aroma

These buds not only boast impressive size but also tantalize your senses with a captivating medley of aromas and flavors. Picture a symphony of fruity undertones, reminiscent of zesty limes, beautifully intertwined with subtle, and yet-heavy skunky notes, ensuring a sensory experience like no other.


Regular Cannabis Seeds

 Regular seeds offer a unique advantage to growers, as they provide a balanced mix of male and female plants. This diversity allows for greater control over your garden, facilitating breeding and selection of desired traits. With regular seeds, you can explore the world of cannabis genetics, hone your skills as a breeder or to enjoy having seeds in their most natural form. 

More Information
Auto Flowering No
Sex Regular
Genetics CriticalMass x Biker
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
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