Karma Genetics - Sour Lemon Mochi (12 Regular Seeds)

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Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
Lineage(Mochi x LemonTini) x Sour Diesel Bx
YieldMedium - High
Seed TypeRegular

Sour Lemon Mochi by Karma Genetics is this legendary breeder's latest exotic creamy gelato, a gassy hybrid that blends some lemon nuances into this new cultivar. 


The mother is the Lemon Mochi, aka Mochi x LemonTini. It has become a staple with connoisseurs thanks to its decadent profile that blends heavy lemon gelato notes with deep berry hints.

Packing serious potency with soaring, narcotic effects, it was a no-brainer to hit with Karma Genetics iconic sour creation, the KG Sour D Bx, which is widely recognized as one of the best Sours on the market. 

Lemon Mochi has steller branching and deep purple colourations, producing swollen, dense Indica-style buds. 

Physical Traits

Karma Genetics Sour Lemon Mochi is a medium-to-high yielding hybrid that results in some hardy, easy-to-cultivate genetics that express a medium-to-high stretch factor and produce some of the most beautiful buds you'll witness with a heavy swelling, dense look and purple colourations that can be found in the mother.

These deep colours contrast the resin perfectly, resulting in an out-of-this-world bag appeal.

Unbelievably, the smell and profile are even more outstanding, with the flavours ranging from heavy gaseous notes to deep creamy gelato with some lovely tinges of lemon in the background. 

Thanks to her easy cultivation traits and outstanding profile, it's certain that this will be a crow pleaser for farmers worldwide. Sour Lemon Mochi typically completes flowering around week 9-10. 

More Information
Auto Flowering No
Sex Regular
Genetics (Mochi x LemonTini) x Sour Diesel Bx
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
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