Perfect Tree - Banzai (Regular)

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Banzaï by Perfect Tree is one of the killer new strains from Perfect Tree, released as part of their Banana Punch line and holds a unique and special place in their hearts as a result of the mother they discovered.

They selected the mother cut from the seed stock of their ZaiZai regulars. The superb mother cut produces super dense flowers that are absolutely coated in the sticky resin, with a potent Zkittlez and gassy terpene profile, as well as a stellar yield the ZaiZai mother was clearly already a winner.  Perfect Tree then pair this with their killer Banana Punch male stud, she is pure bliss in a plant-size package.  As is the case with cannabis pheno hunting, the real challenge originates in finding the best combination of terpenes and resin type that suits your desires best. Thankfully in the Banzaï you have plenty of options to pick from.  The phenotype Perfect Tree decided to keep was selected as it retains all the traits from the mother, including even denser buds. The main differing factor is the resin textures which ranges from ultra-greasy to a more-dry like resin thanks to the trichome production of Banana Punch.  Perfect Tree believes that a male selected fro this range will lead to the beginning of a whole new line of genetics in regular seed form from these breeders, but who knows perhaps it will also lead to one from you.


BrandPerfect Tree
Pack Size12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time8 Weeks
GeneticsHybrid Indica Dominant 
LineageZaizai x Banana Punch
YieldMedium - High
Terp Profile

Gas, Z, Cream and Banana

Seed TypeRegular
More Information
Auto Flowering No
Sex Regular
Genetics Zaizai x Banana Punch
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Grow Area Indoor, Outdoor
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