Perfect Tree - Cherry Mosa (Feminized)

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CherryMosa by Perfect Tree is one of the new CherryTini crosses from Perfect Tree, and few strains have the same depth and complexity as the CherryMosa.  The hybrid quickly captivates thanks to its harmonious blend of enchanting flavours and profound effects.


The genetic background of CherryMosa fuses the exotic, vibrant Mimosa cut with the robust CherryTini reversal. These genetics have fused to create CherryMosa's unique characteristics, both in its flavour profile and physical appearance. The Mimosa mother cut is bred by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch F2, whilst the CherryTini is bred by crossing Cherry Noir from Aficionado Mendocino with the infamous in-house creation of the Jet A by Perfect Tree.   Cherrytini, on the other hand, introduces a depth of red fruit flavours and a gas-like punch, adding real depth and a sedative edge to the hybrid.  The strain's flowering period is remarkably brief, requiring only 7-8 weeks to mature, making it an appealing choice for cultivators seeking efficiency without sacrificing quality. CherryMosa's growth habit is notably compact, producing dense buds that contribute to a medium-high yield. Its modest height makes it suitable for indoor cultivation, where space may be limited. Despite its compact size, CherryMosa does not disappoint in its production, offering a generous yield that is both high in quality and quantity.  The taste of CherryMosa is as intriguing as its name suggests, blending notes of red fruits, citrus, and a distinct gassy tang that leaves a memorable impression on the palate.   The strain's effects are as potent as its flavours, delivering a powerful narcotic experience that can soothe the mind and body profoundly. This potency makes CherryMosa a popular choice for both recreational and medicinal users.


BrandPerfect Tree
Pack Size6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time8 Weeks
GeneticsHybrid Indica Dominant 
LineageMimosa x CherryTini
Terp ProfileRed, Citrus, Gassy Fruits 
EffectsPowerful Narcotic Effect
Seed TypeFemale


More Information
Auto Flowering No
Sex Feminized
Genetics Mimosa x CherryTini
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Grow Area Indoor, Outdoor
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