Perfect Tree - Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb (Feminized)

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BrandPerfect Tree
Pack Size6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time8 Weeks
LineageLemon Curd x Coco Milk
Terp ProfileCitric Fresh & Creamy
Seed TypeFemale

Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb by Perfect Tree Seeds is a unique creation that makes up part of their Coco Milk collection, several staple Perfect Tree strains pollinated by the Coco Milk reversal. Bred by pollinating their famous award-winning Lemon Curd cut, carefully selected from our regular seed stock, and expertly crossed with our illustrious Coco Milk reversal. Immerse yourself in the world of Perfect Trees' premium cannabis genetics with this stellar offering.


This is another perfect example of a modern hybrid F1 strain from Perfect Tree seeds, showcasing the best of both parents and providing an ideal mix of uplifting, stimulating effects from the Lemon Curd with some deep relaxation from the Coco Milk side. The strain reaches maturity in around eight weeks, with this swift flowering cycle meaning that one can push more harvests out, perfect for those who wish to enjoy the batch ASAP.


The yield is bountiful for those who take the time and dedication to appease her needs appropriately. These heavy harvests truly reflect the quality that Perfect Tree provides in their seeds, which can be truly realized when combined with the right skills and environment. Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb provides a deeply intense terpene profile that slaps up your senses and will leave you with the desire for far more. The terpene profile is heavy with fresh lemon notes reminiscent of zesty lemon sorbet, with punchy and invigorating hints. Depending on the phenotype, you may encounter variations ranging from a dominant gassy tang to sweet, creamy layers.


Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb is a grower's delight. Its manageable stature means it can be cultivated to full maturity without topping. This plant is medium height, making it an ideal candidate for various grow setups. When nurtured correctly, Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb emerges as a solid yielder, a testament to the quality and robust genetics that Perfect Tree and Perfect Tree Seeds are renowned for.

Embrace the essence of Perfect Tree's exceptional cannabis genetics with Lemon Coconut Fat Bomb. Perfect Tree and Perfect Tree Seeds invite you to experience the pinnacle of hybrid vigour, flavour innovation, and cultivation excellence. The Lemon Coconut Fat Bonb seeds are all feminized for streamlined cultivation practice. 

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Auto Flowering No
Sex Feminized
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