Proxy Droplet by Puffco

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The Proxy Droplet by Puffco is the latest product to join the Proxy collection of elite accessories by Puffco that uplifts and revolutionises the Proxy experience. The Proxy Droplet is a premium, water filtration glass pipe that provides percolation to add to the dynamic nature that stems from the Proxy & the accessories in the Proxy ecosystem. Equal parts are effective & elegant; in short, the Droplet is epic. Insert the Proxy base unit into the Droplet to achieve smooth, cool hits with an unmistakable chug that will entice your senses.

The Proxy Droplet's body is premium hand-blown borosilicate glass for ultimate heat resistance. The outer glass is clear, with a gradient frosting finish, whilst the inner filtration comes in an eye-catching ocean blue colour giving the appearance of a droplet. The dynamic design blends form and function, both comfortable for you to hold or keep on a surface at home.

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