Refined Pipe with Carbon Filter and Chamber

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Refined Pipe with Carbon Filter and Chamber

The pipe is manufactured with high-grade aluminium and features an anodized finish, making disassembly and cleaning super easy and ensuring that your pipe is lightweight while solid in the hand and hard-wearing. 

The Refined Smoking Pipe comes with a silicone lid, perfect for carrying your pipe while on the move. The silicone lid also aids in keeping any odours from escaping while the pipe is not in use.

The bowl of the Refined Smoking Pipe is an ideal size and shape for a smooth pull and holds up to 0.4g. The bowl also features our unique ‘Smoke Ring’. This precision-milled circular opening completely eliminates the necessity for metal screens or gauzes. The Smoke Ring means that the bowl is easy to empty between hits as the bottom of the pipe can be unscrewed and completely removed. Finally, the Smoke Ring further cools the smoke through a basic principle of thermodynamic cooling, where the smoke is pulled into a larger volume and cools as it expands and provides a more even burn as it draws air all around the bowl rather than from one hole.

One of the main complaints about traditional pipes is that the smoke can be hot and harsh. The Refined Smoking Pipe has a special chamber that holds a carbon filter which removes harmful elements of the smoke itself, while creating a physical barrier to prevent herbs, coals or ash from reaching your mouth. The chamber also cools the smoke considerably, as it has to travel further from the bowl through the activated carbon before being inhaled.

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