Sherlock Pipe by Pure Hits

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The Sherlock Pipe by Pure Hits is one of the most stylish dry pipes that we sell, made from thick, premium coloured glass in an intricate colour mixture of green, blue and green hues. 

The Sherlock Pipe by Pure Hits is named after Sherlock Holmes and his infamous curly tobacco pipe that our sherlock pipe has been named after. The Sherlock Pipe is a Stand-Up version with two balancing feet that the pipe can effortlessly stand on. The bowl's width is around 0.7 inches wide meaning you can pack it with a decent amount of material, and is perfect as a daily driver pipe, whether at home or on the go. All of our pipes are shipped wrapped securely to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition. We recommend using the Stand-Up Sherlock Pipe with our Ital hemp wick to maximise flavour with your consumption. 

The Stand-Up Sherlock Pipe is bound to impress your smoking buddy's when you pull it out at the sesh.

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