Super Silver Haze CBD Vape Pen

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The Super Silver Haze Kush CBD Vape is the ultimate CBD vape pen with real terps for those who want instantaneous CBD relief but still want to ensure they are productive and get everything achieved that is necessary for their day. These kinds of CBD users will find that the Super Silver Haze Vape Pen is the pen of your dreams; packed with 200mg of CBD and the mouth-watering taste of Super Silver Haze; this vape pen will energize and elevate you into a state of euphoria and pure bliss.

Super Silver Haze by Kush CBD Vape has been infused with strain-derived terpenes to provide a skunky earthy hit with a note of citrus that wakes up the taste buds and gives you clarity. The Super Silver Haze Kush CBD Vape is filled to the brim with a high concentration of pure CBD alongside the strain-derived natural terpenes from the Super Silver Haze strain. This disposable vape pen by Kush CBD Vape will give you flavour-packed, rapid CBD relief at any moment of the day.

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