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Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
DNASativa 65 % – Indica 35 %

GeneticsGemelo (GMO x Pomelo x Gelatti Kushmints) x Pure Afghan
Yield550– 650 gr p.s.m
Seed TypeFeminized
FlavourIntense gas, petrol, cookies, chem dog mix

EffectsHeavy couch lock effects. Perfect for sleeping

BEASTY by T.H. Seeds is the latest hybrid to join the lofty ranks of these esteemed breeders responsible for classics such as Black Apple Hitchcock and French Cookies! 


BEASTY is the new-school hybrid that blends old and new, tearing you apart and leaving you with a heavy couch-lock effect! Beasty's mother is the Gemelo, which crosses GMO with Pomelo Gelatti Kushmints. These hybrids are highly productive, dense buds with strong kush gaseous traits and potent, enlarged resin glands with part Afghan lineage. 


Her structure is like the perfect Christmas tree, packed with potent, heavy flowers. BEASTY has a powerful flavour packed full of kush, chem dog, cookies & that classic savoury garlic, mushroom and onion. Adding the Pure Afghan in the mix adds an extra level of potency that will sit you straight down on your sofa. 


The BEASTY is tall but not too leafy; she also has a perfect leaf-to-bud ratio with a high level of internodes and ideal spacing. BEASTY is a vigorous strain with rapid proliferation, growing fast and tall with stiff stems and branches and lateral branches growing straight. 


Beauty stretches quite intensely during the first three weeks of flowering. The effects are significant for an end-of-the-day smoker to fall asleep and to alleviate discomfort. The BEASTY flowers are dense, decorated in that classic vibrant light green with various colours expressing when temperatures get lower. BEASTY produces extra heavy resin production. Great for hash making, with a 4-5% return on the wash. T.H. Seeds encourages a lengthy extended drying period with this hybrid!

More Information
Auto Flowering No
Exact Seed Type Sativa 65%, Indica 35%
Sex Feminized
Genetics Gemelo (GMO x Pomelo x Gelatti Kushmints) x Pure Afghan
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
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