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Indoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time9 Weeks
DNASativa 55% – 45% Indica

GeneticsBlack Apple x London Pound Cake 75 x Kushmints 11
Yield550 – 650 gr p.s.m.

Seed TypeFeminized
FlavourGreen candy apple dipped into blueberry syrup cotton candy with a touch of mint

Effects Super mellow, relaxed and creative

Mona Lisa by T.H.Seeds™ is a strain worthy of hanging up in the Louvre Museum. The Mona Lisa strain is very much like the Mona Lisa painting in that it hypnotizes viewers with the intense array of colours she produces, much like how the Mona Lisa painting hypnotizes with her enigmatic smile. 

Mona Lisa is a seductive strain with an intense flavour that blends green candy apple notes. It is dipped into decadent blueberry syrup with a deep cotton candy flavour plus a touch of mint, leaving you super mellow, relaxed, and creative. 


Mona Lisa Lineage

T.H. Seeds loves the Black Apple Hitchcock and holds it in high regard, but they felt they wanted to increase the aroma and add a more long-lasting aftertaste to her. By crossing it with their carefully selected London Pound Cake 75 x Kush Mints #11 stud, they created the incredible blend that they'd hoped for. The result is a true masterpiece! 

Mona Lisa Traits

Mona Lisa has wildly desirable traits. She has a perfect structure that doesn't tower too tall, and thanks to her excellent width, she has the optimum indoor shape. This means she properly fills the space reserved for herand she's equally well-suited to growing outdoors. 

All her flowers grow in equal size, nice and dense throughout. She also has a stellar flower-to-leaf ratio with unreal internodal spacing. Overall, she's an easy-to-work-with strain, and she doesn't stretch too heavily when starting to flower, typically around 2x2x5 in size. 

Mona Lisa is a unique specimen, producing deep, captivating colourations ranging from fully black from the Black Apple mother to incredible male resin production. She's also highly dense with diamond-coloured flowers fully covered in resin, ensuring she is a hash-maker dream with a full-on terpene explosion. Her profile is heavy with those exotic candy fruit notes, balanced with just a touch of mint that coats your palate long after you finish consuming. A real, 'all-day' strain, she provides relaxation and gets the creative juices flowing, so why not grab a paintbrush and work on your own Mona Lisa-inspired painting? 

Mona Lisa Growing Habits

T.H. Seeds recommends topping her once to get the optimum shape for your space; she can also be coerced through pinching and bending down outdoors, as indoors, she grows just as high as she does wide. An easy-to-cultivate strain that gets stellar results without much effort at all. 

They also suggest that she is dried for around 12-14 days and then cured for approximately 14-20 days to really appreciate the intense taste and effects of this piece of ART.

More Information
Auto Flowering No
Exact Seed Type Sativa 55%, Indica 45%
Sex Feminized
Genetics Black Apple x London Pound Cake 75 x Kushmints 11
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
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