T.H.Seeds - Pure Runtzy - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Flowering Time9 Weeks
DNA75%/Sativa 45% Indica
GeneticsRuntz Mintz x Pure Afghani
Yield550– 650 gr p.s.m
Seed TypeFeminized
Effectsfruit, gas, Skittles, peach and gelato.

Pure Runtzy Feminized Cannabis Seeds bred by T.H. Seeds is the latest new and old school hybrid from these highly acclaimed breeders!
This is one of the best breeding projects ever completed, whether from these breeders or elsewhere so sit back and let her take you on a flavour-packed journey!

Pure Runtzy is a beast of a strain that blends just about ever profile that you might desire including fruit, gas, zkittlez, peach and gelato notes for a true powerhouse myriad of the most enjoyable terps in Cannabis. She's packed full to the brim with unbelievable terps that provide deep feelings of relaxation as well as enjoyment.

The mother cut, aka the pollen receiver, is the Runtz Mintz, which has been crossed with a Pure Afghani to provide that superior structure and resistance found in the old-school Afghani genetics. T.H.Seeds selected a killer Runtz Mintz that expresses an unbelievable structure, crazy resin production, and a wide variety of terps that linger for a long time after consumption in your palette. Equally important is the deep effects of intense relaxation that she provides with every puff.

The results of the testing revealed universal acclaim from the growers to the smokers in both soil and hydro form. The structure and easy-to-grow nature of these genetics were a particular selling point, combined with the resin production, resistance and overall flavour profile and it's obvious she's a winning variety.

Pure Runtzy is medium to tall, not too leafy and has good internodal spacing to let the flowers develop properly. She stretches by a factor of 2-3 maximum and can grow as wide as a Christmas tree with strong branches. She stretches more in coco hydro than in soil. T.H. Seeds does recommend that you top her once or twice and then let her grow like a perfect plant.

The flowers are dense and colourful with buds that are the perfect size and full of trichomes. She's easy to trim, another hash maker's dream!

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Auto Flowering No
Exact Seed Type Sativa 75%, Indica 25%
Sex Feminized
Genetics Runtz Mintz x Pure Afghani
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
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