The Explorer Backpack Odour Proof Bag in Tie Dye by Revelry

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The Explorer smell proof backpack by Revelry Supply is the daily essential, the perfect sized backpack for you to carry all you need for everyday use.

The Explorer is packed with different compartments making it the ultimate choice for taking all of your essential accessories to sesh, chill or travel through your day. In addition, like all of Revelry Supplys innovative bags, the Explorer fuses two separate bag technologies that we don't typically see combined, making them stand out. 

Revelry Supply blends odour-absorbing carbon filters similar to those found in those secret indoor gardens with a hard-wearing rubber shield identical to those you might find in a dry bag for water resistance and odour containment. Revelry Supply successfully creates an essential backpack that performs outstandingly when combining these technologies, which are better than they are used alone. You get Revelry when you combine that technology, make it accessible, and incorporate it into a chic/complimentary style.


Revelry Supplys' Crew is a family of surfers, skaters and all-around outdoor enthusiasts that value travel and fun above all. Living in Santa Cruz, where the beach meets the redwoods, they are as authentic to the culture as you can get and undoubtedly are the reason why Revelry Supply combines form with function so effortlessly. 


The warm and striking tie-dye colour of the Explorer backpack from Revelry Supply is now offered to remind you of the calming vibes of Santa Cruz.

BrandRevelry Supply
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