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Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
GeneticsIndica Dominant (60%)
LineageBright Side Cheese x Terpatron 3000 (Mandarin Kush x Mendo Grape Kush)
Seed TypeRegular

Cheesy Fruits by Ultra Genetics is a potent, fruity and stinky new Cheese hybrid. She has a uniquely fruity terp profile from the heavily flavoured Terpatron 3000. Cheesy Fruits has a loud flavour and highly offensive smell that ensures she's a stellar yielder.

Cheesy Fruits will be another turnout for the books with its original Cheese flavour and unique fruit back end; it combines to give a mixture of offensive, stinky skunk notes and out-of-this-world fruit terps that stain your mouth and lips with powerful flavour. The strong and balanced effect creates a clean 50/50 Indica/ Sativa effect.

This is one for the Cheese headband fruit freaks among us. Cheesy Fruits is a cross of Brightside Cheese clone-only crossed with the Terpatron 3000, Mandarin Kush x Mendo Grape Kush.

Genetics: Brightside cheese clone only x Terpatron 3000 - Mandarin Biker x Mendo Grape Kush Flower Time - 9 weeks Indica/Sativa - 50/50

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Auto Flowering No
Sex Regular
Genetics Bright Side Cheese x Terpatron 3000 (Mandarin Kush x Mendo Grape Kush)
Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks
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