lillt was created in 2017 by crossing my selected female of Passion flower with my selected jungle kush Male 

The offspring carried over the tropical funk from the mother with some added vigour and gas from the male .


A large percentage of the population came out perfect and just the way I wanted with the tropical terp I was looking for . Later I  worked the line to f2 and will ibl it  ( inbreed the line ) for future releases which will have a much higher percentage of the tropical phenos . The s1 (selfed ) version I made in female seeds was amazing with all plants having that tropical funk ,I used my selected lillt pheno to reverse using sts to create the reverse .


At the same time as making the s1 I created a whole new line of female seeds with the lillt being the pollen donor . Things like pineapple incense , pineapple gunpowder and tropical rose all got created this way and also have a beautiful mix of both parents involved .the regular versions of these lines will be available early 2021. Totally tropical terps.

Name: lillt 


Genetics : Passion flower x jungle kush 


Flower time : 9 weeks / 63 days 


Sativa/indica : 60% sativa -40% indica 


Yield : up to 500 g per m2


Stretch in flower : plants will double there height 


Smell : tropical pineapple , passion fruit , berries 


Taste : tropical pineapple sweet 


High .: strong up high great for being creative but not to be underestimated as a few extra


smokes will put you to sleep


Structure: the plants produce tightly packed flowers covered in a jungle of trichomes


Description: This amazing hybrid is by far the most tropical things I’ve ever come across in all my years of growing , a truly unique terpene profile which is unmatched in today’s gene pool , the complex smells and taste will have you going in the room just to smell her while growing ,tropical fruit juice with pineapple and passion fruit smells fill the air and overpower anything else your growing in the same room. When visiting my outdoor spot, the first smell is not the typical cannabis smell which so many genetics give off instead your met with pure fruit terps anyone would think your growing some exotic fruits not cannabis


For info check out Instagram @trichome_jungle_seeds 

Written and Published in Weed World Magazine issue 150