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This website is INTENDED for adults (18+) and provides content related to cannabis seeds. Growing of cannabis is illegal in many countries, we only sell seeds as souvenirs please check carefully your local laws before purchase.

  1. May 05, 2022

    Why Cannabis Works so Well for PTSD

    Cannabis is a fairly popular medicine among veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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  2. April 14, 2022

    Are the Rich Eating up the American Cannabis Market?

    It's no secret that it's extreamely difficult to get your foot in the door of the cannabis industry.

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  3. February 28, 2022

    Cannabis Consumption and Pregnancy

    A new study reveals that cannabis consumption among pregnant women shot up by 25% early into the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  4. February 21, 2022

    If Cannabis is Legalized, How Come the Black Market Continues to Prosper in California?

    Even though marijuana was legalized in 2016, California has seen its black-market booming.

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  5. February 03, 2022

    Cannabis and Memory, By Paul James

    New research has recently come out that proves we still don’t know a whole lot about the complicated relationship between cannabis and memory.

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  6. January 28, 2022

    US Athletes Plan Medical Marijuana Plant in North Macedonia

    Every sports person - from football, to rugby, to rock climbing - have one thing in common: tenacity. This tenacity is what makes them the best of the best, and keeps them fighting for trophies.

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  7. January 07, 2022

    DEA Ends Monopoly on low-grade Cannabis Research just as NIDA sets a THC-Cap

    Back in May, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) made a quiet announcement that it would no longer have full control over the cannabis harvested for research.

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  8. December 13, 2021

    Does Cannabis Legalization Reduce the Effects of Illict Market?

    The cannabis industry is growing at a much quicker pace than the United States initially expected.

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  9. November 10, 2021

    Is the Psychedelic Renaissance more of a Drug Rebirth?, By Paul James

    In recent years, there’s been a surge in recreational psychedelic drug use. Alongside this, a number of studies have appeared alluding to the idea that psychedelics may have a use in mental illnesses, particularly depression.

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  10. November 04, 2021

    Why do some people feel sick when they get high?

    Have you ever been too high? It’s an experience most common in our youths when we’re still learning how much cannabis our bodies can handle.

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