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This website is INTENDED for adults (18+) and provides content related to cannabis seeds. Growing of cannabis is illegal in many countries, we only sell seeds as souvenirs please check carefully your local laws before purchase.

  1. March 29, 2018

    Colour Changing Spoon

    Fantastic piece of color changing blown glass with carb hole.
    Handy pocket sized piece of smoking art.

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  2. March 29, 2018

    Barney's Farm - Bad Azz Kush

    Original OG x Urkel x Afghan Kush
    Bad Azz Kush is a strain which was created by breeding a true Indica which is rich in history dating back to 98 in Los Angeles. Bad Azz originally started life from specially selected breeding by our friends in L.A. over years of careful and persistent work. By crossing the Original OG with Afghan Kush and from there crossing it with Urkel, Bad Azz Kush was born. The plant can stretch in the flowering period and will need some space for enormous colas to develop. This is a heavy resin producing strain with enticing and unique dank and subtle forest fruit aromas. We owe a special thank you to our friend and rapper Bad Azz from Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips.

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  3. March 28, 2018

    Skinny Rolling Tray

    Semi-transparent 3mm Styrolux, 35.5 cm long rolling rail
    size: approx 39x29.5cm, includes 2 storage tins

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  4. March 26, 2018

    Genofarm - Black Diesel (Feminised)

    Among its direct ancestors one finds the classic variety, Junaita La Lagrimosa, a key pioneering strain in the history of CBD. This variety that is so rich in CBD is apt for medicinal cultivation purposes, and yet it is appreciated by the whole range of growers given that its effect is very stable and balanced. Its fruity flavor may call to mind NYC Diesel with its classic touches of mandarin and its characteristic bitter tone so enjoyed by lovers of Diesel. It is very productive and adequate for both interior and exterior. Its high productivity and early flowering period convert Black Diesel into a safe bet.

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  5. March 26, 2018

    Magic Glass - Bob Marley Flash Bong

    Bob Marley adorns this bong with a sandblasted moutpiece and a sandblasted bowl.

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  6. March 23, 2018

    SuperCBDx - Jack Flash x SCBDX

    Descendant of the original Jack Herer Jack Flash has the bulk and vigor of her Afghani-Skunk ancestors without sacrificing any of Herer´s sumptuous Haze high, add to that the unbelievable CBD content of SCBDX and the wonderful terpene profile you have a Haze based plant second to none, a Sativa of outstanding proportions that will take your breath away with the ability to keep you healthy if you want to make tinctures.

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  7. March 22, 2018

    Space Case Titanium Crystal Catcher Magnet Grinder/Sifter

    Space Case Titanium Crystal Catcher Magnet Grinder/Sifter

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  8. March 21, 2018

    Heavyweight Seeds - Midnight Mass

    A legendary Kashmiri / Bubble Candy cross, Midnight Mass is like a call to prayer for all those who worship at the altar of the Ganja Gods. This very special plant will take you on an odyssey to mystical, faraway lands, all from the comfort of your own couch. Heavyweight Seeds Midnight Mass inspires a strong, physical buzz, but there are also moments of great clarity along the way. A sweet, fruity fragrance gives way to earthier undertones, enveloping the senses.
    As the name implies, Midnight Mass grows at a rapid rate and can produce massive yields, making it a great choice for commercial crops. Early finishing and with strong mould resistance, Midnight Mass performs well outdoors, particularly in cooler climates. Indoors, it’s a great choice for SOG gardens as growth is compact and uniform.

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  9. March 20, 2018

    On balance tuff weigh scales

    On Balance Tuff-Weigh Scale - 100gm x 0.01grm

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  10. March 19, 2018

    Emerald Triangle Seeds - Cookies x 707 Headband

    We took our Headband 707 and crossed it with the best Platinum Girl Scout Cookies from our library to produce a phenomenal strain that gives a nose of sweet berry and candy, followed by a fruity spiciness. The buds have a crazy frosty appearance and give a sweet cookie kush flavour that is unforgettable.
    This strain gives a serious euphoric boost leaving you happy and lifting your spirits.
    Much more THC than CBD but is still an ideal strain for treating anxiety and depression, Migraine, chronic pain, spasms, Arthritis and tension headaches.

    THC 24%
    CBD 0.06%

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