Orange Runtz CBD Vape Pen By Kush CBD Vape

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BrandKush CBD Vapes
CBD %40%
mg CBD200mg
IngredientsNO THC

The Orange Runtz CBD Vape Pen by Kush CBD Vape is a new disposable vaporizer pen pre-filled with cannabidiol (CBD) infused vape liquid for calming, therapeutic effects.

Orange Runtz Kush CBD Vape is the most flavorful citrus CBD ever. Enjoy the fruity zing of Kush Vape's smooth citrus lemon vapour. Each Kush CBD disposable vape pen, has up to 200 puffs to take when you need relaxation. Kush CBD is the best way to bring a sense of calm into your active day, with a soothing and relaxing effect. 

The limonene terpenes from the cannabis plant dominate the Orange Runtz CBD vape allowing you to enjoy natural flavours in just one puff. Kush CBD Vape produces high-quality 500ml vaporizer pens in a spectrum of natural flavours derived from the terpenes of cannabis plants, with zero THC.

The Orange Runtz CBD vape pens are sure to impress. Each Kush CBD Vape Pen is a 100% legal e-liquid infused with the authentic flavors of your favorite cannabis strains. Using the highly efficient CO2 extraction method, this vape pen is infused with 200mg of premium CBD oil. 

Researchers widely suggest CBD helps with pain relief and possible mental health benefits. Don't worry; there are no psychoactive effects and no THC or illegal cannabinoids. The compact and discreet design makes it perfect for home or on the go.

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