Hi everyone! Today it's time to enjoy a colorful report.

To make the experience even more enjoyable it is essential to prepare a good vaporizer or to have a piece of your favorite edible before entering this "Cannabis Casino”. New for 2021 the high-quality seed bank, Sweet Seeds®, has released 6 new strains, all of them at the highest level and certainly a very interesting offering to every cannabis grower. Today I am going to focus on two very attractive strains.


I appreciated both very much and fell in love with them after I had the chance to give them a try: Red Gorilla Girl XL Auto® (SWS89) and Red Strawberry Banana Auto® (SWS90).At this point, after having grown many marijuana plants for almost 30 years, it seems difficult to be surprised by something new. But every year I find new strains that impress me and leave their mark on my palate keeping them in my memory for the rest of my life.


The truth is that Sweet Seeds® always releases great strains and I usually end up in love with their new genetics. This year I have been hit hard with two of their creations in autoflowering versions. Both genetics carry the USA and The Red Family® seals and this ensures a lot of power and flowers of extravagant and exotic colors, such as red, purple, pink or dark purple, almost black. And who wouldn’t fall in love with this? As if it was not enough, the resin is able to cover the calyxes and leaves almost entirely, turning it into a unique picture that resembles frosted red fruits. An orgy for the eyes. So, come on... let's dwell on their characteristics and take a ride through their sweet buds.



I am sure that many of you already tried (or grown) the legendary Gorilla Girl® (SWS74) from Sweet Seeds®. This strain has recently garnered a very good reputation, both in autoflowering and photoperiod-dependent version, as one of the most powerful cannabis plants in the cannabis scene. It gave birth to the "Super Strong" line from Sweet Seeds®. It turns out that this year the Sweet Seeds® breeders have recreated this wonder to show reddish or purple color, strengthening its aromas and enhancing the sweet and citrus character, with a touch of spices and fresh tones of cypress, that is so characteristic of this family.

It comes from the cross between Gorilla Girl XL Auto® (SWS82) [Gorilla Girl® x Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76)] and the red-flowered autoflowering strain Bloody Skunk Auto® (SWS44). After 8 to 9 weeks from germination (and grown with ideal parameters), the plants can reach to a final height of 120 cm and yield more than 500 grams per square meter, allowing for a production of more than 100 grams per plant. If you spend some time to shape the branches, you can achieve extreme productions, with an extraordinary quality. I’m leaving a bit of the technical data here so that you can see that it is very well balanced:


 Indica 52.3% / Sativa 45.2% / Ruderalis 2.5%. And as for cannabinoids, THC contents range between 15% and 21% and CBD is usually around 0.5%. The plants develop very well from the first stages of growth. It is very pleasant to watch this strain growing and forming flowers. I usually use organic fertilizers and soil, but if you use coco or a hydroponic system, you can even exceed the figures given by the bank in terms of production. It is a plant that grows very fast. In my case, even before reaching flowering the plants already had a height of around 80 cm. Usually it does not develop many branches, but you can always do a little LST in the central branch, to enhance lateral growth. In addition, you will also manage to get a better light distribution for all the branches.


The flowering stage is majestic. The plants develop long pistils in great quantities to create pyramidal buds which fatten very quickly. You must adequately feed the plants to avoid deficiencies because this strain makes good use of high doses of fertilizer. It is a real spectacle when the plant begins to change color and goes from green, in its leaves and calyxes, to an intense purple-reddish color in the whole plant.


Accompanying the color change, the extreme production of trichomes becomes very visible. In the calyxes, which are super swollen, the amount of trichome heads is something worth seeing and photographing (as you can see in the photos). It is then difficult to manicure because "anything goes" in the scissors. If you like to make extractions or Rosin, this strain is ideal for you. Your "Ice" may even become colored with red tones, getting you an outstanding hash of a very attractive color.The aromas are really pleasant and intoxicating. I love to stick my nose to the buds and I find myself rubbing the flowers all the time just to keep enjoying that rich aroma. I’m amazed by the amounts of terpenes. Then, once you vaporize this beauty, the aromas saturate your palate with a sweet, spicy and very fresh taste, while offering a citric fruity aftertaste. The effect is instantaneous, a little strong.


at the beginning, but then goes on to leave your body totally relaxed and your mind floating on a featherbed. It is ideal to spend a special moment with friends or to let yourself go at home, after a busy day. You will love it - my friends are crazy about it!



 We could say that this new strain from the Sweet Seeds® genetic collection is the successor of the famous Red Poison Auto® (SWS39). In fact, the cross is composed of an elite clone of Strawberry Banana and a selected strain of Red Poison Auto®. I loved its magnificent taste and the quality of the effects. It is extremely easy to grow and also ultra fast. In my opinion, this strain is ideal for beginners who are looking for quality and want to have it in a record time. Imagine that it can be ready to harvest only 7 or 8 weeks after germination. This makes it ideal for continuous outdoor growing or for intensive indoor growing. In my case I grew them indoors, with organic fertilizers and with last generation LED lights. The result was spectacular so now I just sprouted a few more seeds to grow on my terrace and harvest in early summer.

Indoors it behaves very well, showing its Indica character from the beginning, with a very compact shape. Its leaves are huge and the rate of fertilization should be gentle because it is a plant that does not need large amounts of EC to produce good flowers and stay healthy. You will see that it has a lot of vigor and it is very easy to keep it with a good color at all the times.


Once the plants start to form flowers, they do it quickly and very profusely, so you should use a good flowering stimulator to take advantage of this first push. As I say, it is fast so you must avoid using fertilizers after the 6th week from germination. Be careful, because as soon as the first pistils start to mature, it is possible that the plant can be ready in only 10 days.


The buds feature a round shape and they are very compact and dense. The red and purple tones flood the whole plant little by little. This becomes very easy to notice when you start washing the roots. You will see that the calyxes of Red Strawberry Banana Auto® are huge, so be patient and let them swell completely. The reward is lots of flowers of great quality, magnificent power and great quantity of resin. At first glance you can see a multitude of trichomes all crowding together and ready to give you a lot of pleasant times.


The aroma when fresh is very fruity and sweet, although you can also find tones of nuts and other plants such as arugula. Once it is dry and well cured you will be able to taste one of the richest herbs you have ever grown. It is very tasty and leaves a very pleasant after taste, so you will definitely enjoy every puff or vape from start to finish.


The effects don't take long to kick in and are very relaxing, creative and evocative. I usually get my guitar and enjoy creating impossible music, or walk in silence, enjoying the landscapes that the mind offers me. It is ideal to wash out all the accumulated stress.And with these two wonderful bets that Sweet Seeds® has offered us this year, I say goodbye and until next time. Do not forget to visit the Sweet Seeds® website and social networks or the official Sweet Seeds® online forums. You can always get good support and you can enjoy all the contests and promotions. Sweet harvests!

Published and Written by Sweet Seeds - Jaypp in Weed World Magazine issue 153