Fallen Angel Feminized is a hybrid with strong genes.

This is one of the newest cannabis strains from The Devil’s Harvest Seeds.
We have taken an old clone of the Shoreline and revived it with modern genetics.

The result is a strain more vigour; making our Fallen Angel particularly strong with the ability to grow outdoors even in colder climates.

 Typically finishing in mid-September, Fallen Angel Feminized has proved very popular in mainland and northern Europe.

Guerrilla growers have taken a particular shine to this hardy cannabis plant.
Fallen Angel Feminized is a cross between our Khufu male and our original Shoreline female.

To achieve the vigour, we took a female of one of our most popular and well-known strains; our original Shoreline.

Genetic Make Up - Kuchi X Shoreline
Sativa/Indica - 20% / 80%
THC Content - 17 - 19%
Flowering Time Indoor - 50-55 Days
Yield - High Yield