2021-4:20 For me it is just over a year since leaving Barcelona in a hurry on Friday the 13th and I’m glad to be alive, but it’s a shame that Spannabis did not go ahead.

This past year has been the same the world over, with little moving and shaking, except for when it comes to the Marijuana Merchandise, Pot Paraphernalia and Cannabis Consumables that are utilized for well-being. ThePot-rapreneurs out there have managed to go from strength to strength.


Seeds, or good clones if you have access, along with the grow shop supplies including bongs, pipes, skins and rigs, enjoyed with Skuff, Icealator, flowers and concentrates, lead to a world of wonder still. The commoditization of cannabis goes on as time trips into the future!


Night and day, what is your motivation? Social prescribing and ‘turning people on’ may be one aspect as human nature, as it makes us feel better if we do something kind for someone.


It is a freedom of choice, as long as there is a good supply! Maybe sharing out and giving away more should be applicable, without the threat of being accused of ‘dealing’!The use and benefits of cannabis, like having a Covid-19 Vaccination, outweigh the risks! But puff, puff, pass is not conducive to safe pandemic practice.


Maybe things need a rethink in terms of the ‘new normal’? But, sharing your herb is caring with herb, as far as I’m concerned!


However, how much is enough to be happy in hash and herb? Or is it ever enough? You have to set your expectations - do you amphigory low? Oh, to be self-sufficient and satisfied with it all!


The Global Cannabis Community encourages social connections. The altruism of the weekday leads into the hedonism of the weekend as we aim for satisfaction as a culture (network) and the group experience helps to create a common level happiness. At the end of the day, I think we can all agree that it does feel great to be stoned!


If you are in a lucky position to be growing your own (GYO), legally or otherwise, you are probably doing better than most...not having to rely on the often dangerous and unchecked black market is one thing to consider from this perspective. Unless you take a break (or have a break enforced on you due to imprisonment or hospitalization) most people will gradually build up a tolerance over time, but once your tolerance goes down you’ll find that your level of satisfaction goes up with smaller levels of consumption.


Freedoms, rights and civil Liberties are often the Achilles heel of Canna-usage for most people around the world. It can be tough being a‘Weed Worker’, Even though over 200 million people are directly employed in canna/marijuana trade surrounding the Equator alone. Almost anywhere you go, its legality is patchy at best.


One of the first times I noticed the impact of taking a break to reduce tolerance came after I spent some time in prison. My recollection of incarceration in HMP after being sent down for 9 months for 6 plants in ’93 was spending £2 on a ‘phonecard deal’ for a flat pea size piece of black hash or pollen. The feeling of wellbeing ‘stoned’ was immense, with my body’s tolerance to THC levels lowered, it got me through some tough times when I could get my hands on anything. Nowadays, there is more drugs testing in prison and the work place and cannabis can stay in the body for up to a month. This could alter your reasons for indulging in herb and hash.Sometimes we need to be honest when asked about the amount we consume, as I can get through on average several pure doobies of Indica and Sativa strains, with pipes of hash on a good day, along with occasional medibles and full spectrum whole plant extract used as a preventative to serious illness too.


It might seem a lot to some, but it all has its place. Growing Your Own (GYO) induces a certain serenity and positive appreciation of nature and the planet.


I make Iceolator hash, have a Pollinator and cook with my plants - GYO covers all bases...I have a healthy pro-active herb attitude, I’m a smoker with principles, using all types of cannabis in various amounts and ratios, even if I wake and bake with a Welsh breakfast of a cup of tea and a spliff, I still function! However, it is better to have than to have not!


If you have a Medical Marijuana Prescription/Permit you can carry your medicine wherever you are, and travel through borders risk free, making a better, more relaxed way of life without fear. Remembering Bob Marley at his Mausoleum in Jamaica, I was told Bob smoked Pounds (in weight) all the time. It was a happy way of life for him! Snoop Dogg would be another who tokes ‘Mango’ as and when, with his gin and juice...laid back (and in large amounts, I imagine).There is a limit in how much you can buy in Dutch Coffeeshops and Spanish Social Clubs have their own amounts, the set and setting are also conducive to a pleasant cannabis experience. Nature and the great outdoors the real wonders to explore while stoned, maybe with the thought of Guerrilla Growing? Happiness is in the eye of the beholder...home or abroad.


With life music has to be the best drug ever; I take mine with a little herb and even though curiosity may have killed the cat, remember satisfaction brought it back!


Don’t forget, GYO was sanctioned byMr Nice- Howard Marks and Free Love Cannabis (Hemp Missionary) in the UK, when they presented to Marylebone Police Station with a live plant more than twenty years ago and were not charged, proving that you do not need a Home Office license to grow and propagate cannabis marijuana. Black the Ripper as on YouTube extols the virtue of GYO as he carries plants around London, promoting cannabis usage with FlashPop-UpInstagram proliferation!


Levelling up needs to impact on health with social inequality and racism combated, plus diversity and where we come from needs addressing, happiness and social wellbeing are tantamount to a good head space and conducive to non-division. Intolerance needs to be challenged; Human Rights abided by and not undermine science.


Cannabis Community freedoms or continued civil chaos, ending prohibition which causes more harm than drugs, would promote wellbeing and hash happiness, the world over,Just ask ‘When?’...! And say, ‘Is it enough?’ But, nevertheless, just carry on regardless!


Jason Rice HOT-VW CC Heads of the Valleys Wales CC Encourage the Welsh to Grow More Weed! No Victim - No Crime!


Written and Published By Jason Rice in Weed World Magazine issue 152