The Strain..

Looking for something that will make you feel awesome? Here, smoke this.... Ocimene Kush was named after the fact that its dominant terpene is Ocimene. This flower has an amazing kush structure and profile but brings a totally new flavor to the table. Ocimene is a terpene that is very sweet and citrusy and is rarely seen in kush strains.

That is what makes this strain so unique. Created by the 2019 Emerald Cup Breeder of the Year Greenshock Farms, this special cultivar will flood your taste buds with a tsunami of flavor.

This strain was brought to life by combining one of Greenshock Farms in house creations "Dr Greenshock" with another classic Mendocino strain "Pina". This isn't your ordinary kush so be prepared for an entirely new take on an all-time favorite. 


Strain Overview

This strain is what we like to call an eye catcher. You don't need to be a veteran smoker to see why this flower is so appetizing. But looks are not all this Ocimene Kush has to offer. The flavor profile of this flower is so complex we found ourselves rolling blunt after blunt trying to pinpoint the taste. Right away the sweet citrus hit us in the face and sent a shiver down our spine. The taste was a mix of oranges, green sour apples, pineapple and a splash of sweet kush. We have always loved fruity flavors but some just don't pack enough of a punch to keep you coming back for more. The Ocimene Kush definitely packed a solid punch.

It had a strong Bruce Lee hit but it also held its flavor to the end which is very important for connoisseur smokers. Before you can truly enjoy any strain you first need to understand the story behind it and get to know its parents. Dr Greenshock is a very interesting kush combination. It all began with a special Lavendar clone that Greenshock Farms really enjoyed and wanted to build on. The goal was to make a strong indica plant. First, they needed to find the right male to cross with this Lavendar. When it comes to breeding a new flavor there are so many factors to take into account. Sometimes you can get lucky, but when the breeder knows exactly what they are trying to accomplish you can see the difference. Using a potent "Bubba Kush" and crossing it with another heavy indica strain "Recon" from DNA Genetics, Greenshock Farms created a new strain just so they could find the perfect male to use for this breeding project.

By pollinating the Lavendar clone with this thick indica kush male the Dr Greenshock emerged. Sprouting these seeds the following season one of the plants was instantly standing out from the rest. It was eliciting vivid dark purple colors, had rock hard buds and was extremely strong against mold and mildew. Not only were the looks of this flower standing out but once this pheno was tested it was showing a completely different cannabinoid profile then all of the others from that same batch.

This rare pheno had a perfect 10% THC to 10% CBD ratio while the rest had high THC levels and no CBD at all. This was how the Dr Greenshock strain came to life. Like many others we are big fans of the kush family tree. The Dr Greenshock caught our interest because it was such a unique plant being that it was a CBD kush. The Ocimene Kush definitely had powerful earthy and fuel aromas but what was making it all come together with such a sweet deliciousness? The answer was Pina.

This particular Pina strain was created by breeder Mean Gene of Freeborn Selections. Mean Gene is another well-known and respected breeder from Mendocino with over 20 years of experience. Pina aka Pineapple can be overwhelmingly sweet for some people. You would think the flowers were dipped in a candy pineapple sauce with how much terpenes it produces. Greenshock Farms: "We really like breeding with this plant, it is something we consider to be a terpene enhancer". Combining these strains with totally opposite characteristics, Greenshock Farms set out to create an entirely new flavor for the kush variety.

Even though the Dr Greenshock is a CBD strain, more than half of its off spring when used in breeding do not inherit those same cannabinoids. Ocimene Kush is an example of one that does not have any CBD but can test at 19% THC and higher. Growing alongside Mark and the Greenshock crew we got to see this plant grow from a tiny baby clone into a monster tree. She was hot out the gates growing like a beast! Performing like a true champion the Ocimene Kush grew into a monstrous plant and stacked weight like she was a professional body builder.

This strain was created under the sun, moon and stars bred for outdoor growing and you could tell. The flowers on this plant are so distinct we could easily spot her towering in the garden sparkling in the sunlight every morning.

It has a huge stacking bud formation of calyxes. The buds almost look like eagle claws with sharp purple tips. These oversized calyxes continuously stacked on top of each other and formed some of the most impressive buds we have ever seen. The trichomes were exploding off the flower with a silver glow reflecting on the green and purple hues. Even with the enormous buds she produced the Ocimene Kush was very strong and had no issues with bud rot or mildew growing in the hills of the Emerald Triangle.

This plant is so vigorous it was even competing with some of the biggest seed starts on the farm. Growing to about 12th tall with massive walls of buds on every side, this plant was a heavy producer. Not only did the Ocimene Kush grow great outdoors but she also performed very well indoors. Growing under 1k watt HPS lights the buds on this plant exploded with calyxes just like it did outside. The flowers were frosty and dense and produced an even sharper terpene aroma. The Ocimene pierced through the nose and the crystals stuck to our fingers, she was a winner inside and out. We really enjoyed smoking this strain because it was something totally new.

It engaged the endo cannabinoid system and ignited the brain cells sparking motivation. Even though this strain leans to a more potent indica profile the entourage of terpenes give you an uplifting buzz. With this strain being dominated by the Ocimene terpene but staying true to the OG Kush profile it has a lot of potential medical benefits. Pain relieving, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. This strain is also a great decongestant and just smelling this flower can help clear your sinuses.

We love having varieties and Ocimene Kush is one that we now have in our circle of flavors. We would definitely recommend this strain for everyone. It has a perfect blend of cannabinoids and just enough kick to get you where you need to be


The Stats..

Breeder: Greenshock Farms

Genetics: Dr Greenshock X Pina

Yield: Heavy

Height: Medium to Tall

Harvest: 56 to 60 Days

Indica: 50% Sativa: 50%

You can get to know this strain more by visiting to watch our outdoor documentary "The Green Dope Project" and see this plant grown under the Emerald Triangle sunlight. For more info visit 

Written and Published By Mendo Dope in Weed World Magazine issue 150